The internet is a lively place these days. It seems that anywhere you go there are Animated GIFs flashing and spinning all over the place. While the web is lively, it is not as colorful or seamless as it should be. Animated GIFs are an anachronism. The old-timey GIF format has limitations on color and transparency that can leave them looking dull and clashing with backgrounds due to their fully opaque, jagged edges. On top of that, they take up more bytes than the need to because of their 1980's compression techniques. The constant barrage of Animated GIFs across the internet has proven the demand for such animated images. Now is the time to brighten up those colors, smooth those edges, and scrunch those files by switching to Animated PNGs!

This is a critical time for the Animated PNG format. The availability of robust and elegant tools for Animated PNG could make the difference it needs to gain widespread use and recognition. With all but one of the major web browsers supporting the Animated PNG format, the right tools could turn the tide to make brighter, crisper, smother, more efficient animations finally replace the outdated GIF format.
Whether you are a fellow developer, an artist, an eccentric billionaire, or just someone who wants to see better animations, please consider donating and spreading the word to help make this happen.
Funding will help the project advance during the critical window of opportunity for the Animated PNG format.

Below are the goals of the project, in order of priority.

1.Stabilize the GraFlic MVC framework
GraFlic is an open source MVC framework for maximizing code reuse and modularization, specializing in graphical and animation based software that loads and saves Animated PNGs. The GraFlic image format is a creation format used to author APNGs. The GraFlicArchive class powers this save/load functionality by using ubiquitous standards such as ZIP and JSON to serialize and reconstitute the JavaScript memory state.
2.Stabilize the GraFlic image format This format allows the save/load of Animated PNG creation projects, and ultimately the export to Animated PNG when finished. Getting this format to a stable state will give artists confidence to develop animations with forward compatibility.
3.Improve the GraFlic image editor Improve upon the overall user experience, interface and functionality to get this tool to a high level of polish and intuitiveness.
4.Improve Documentation Create dedicated pages documenting key classes of the GraFlic framework and their functions, properties and contractions in detail. This would be better organized and easier to navigate than having to dig through the source code files.
5.Build Native App Wrappers Create hybridizing native code components for various tablet and computer platforms. This will allow the open standards based GraFlic software to run as an installable native app, unconfined by the browser, and use native features such full filesystem access.
6.Create Tutorials The creation of written and/or video tutorials would greatly help people get started with these tools and use them more effectively. This is true for both developers utilizing the framework, and artists using the software to create Animated PNGs.
7.Make allot of Animated PNGs! Once things are tuned up under the hood for these powerful tools, just creating allot of beautiful Animated PNGs would further the cause!
8.Localize Text Many user interface aspects in the project rely on emoji(🖼) to be as universal and language-neutral as possible. However, some things are not expressible in this way and could benefit from translation.
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